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This current economic environment it is getting harder and harder for families to make ends meet.

As of February 2013, the official US unemployment rate is @ 7.7%.  However many Americans believe that the UNOFFICIAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE is closer to 15 or 20 Percent.  Even people who do find work, many have taken a pay cut from their salaries since the hey days of 2007/2008.

Most people over 50 who have been laid off are finding it difficult to find full time work and most recent college grads are also having a tough time finding fulltime work.  Many recent college grads can only find part time work such as bartending, waiting tables, or finding a part time job at major retailers/department stores.  Then you combine that with people who bought homes at the height of the real estate boom, who are still paying their mortgage, are watching their hard earned equity evaporate into thin air.  These are definitely trying times.

Another troubling topic that rarely is discussed in the media is how many small mom and pop businesses have lost their line of credit from their local bank and are now in the need of capital. Even though these businesses were established for many years.  Yes, interest rates are low, but it seems only the large corporations are benefiting from the low interest rates. 


We believe people today need to be creative when it comes to their work and also need to be creative when it comes to their finances.

People need to look at their secondary or illiquid assets to raise immediate cash.   For example, lets say someone is receiving payments on an annuity from a personal injury settlement or they purchased an annuity several years ago or maybe they were a beneficiary on a policy, they can liquidate a portion of that annuity to raise some immediate cash.

For instance, a person who owns an annuity or receives a settlement paid over time can sell part of their annuity to raise cash to pay some bills, to reinstate their mortgage, payoff high interest rate credit card debit, pay down student loans, or raise some cash for piece of mind and security.

Let’s say the individual is receiving $1000 per month on an annuity.   They can sell ½ their payment or $500 for 5, 7 or 10 years.  This option provides the best of both worlds, it provides immediate cash and still provides a monthly income for the individual.

Another scenario would be that the individual who is receiving $1000 per month can sell the entire payment for 5 years, 7 years or 10 years.  They would receive a greater amount of immediate cash and down the road they could resume those guaranteed payments once again.

These concepts can be applied to other secondary or non-liquid assets that individuals may own or they inherited.  They include:

1)   An individual may have sold property and taken back a mortgage to finance the sale and now receive monthly payments.

2)      A small business owner who sold a mom and pop business may have had to finance the sale of his business.  He or she may have taken back a note and now receives monthly payments.

3)     An individual who won a grand prize at a major casino and receives annual or periodic payments for 5, 10 or 20 years. 

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4)      Winners of a contest or a game show may also been awarded an annuity that is paid over 5, 10 or 20 years.

5)      A songwriter, performing artist, lyricist, actor in a TV show or commercial, movie extra, or key personnel behind the scenes on a movie set, may be receiving royalty income.

6)      A commercial property owner who has entered into a long term lease with a telecom company to permit them to place a cell tower on their property and now receives monthly income.

7)      An owner of a billboard who has entered into a long-term lease with a major outdoor advertising company and now receives periodic income.

8)      A small business owner who has invented a product/service who is licensing their idea to a major company and now receives periodic royalty income.

9)      An individual or a small business that settled a contractual dispute with a municipality and are entitled to receive deferred compensation in the future.


R&P Capital has been in business for over 22 years and continues to seek creative solutions for people who have assets that are perceived by the market place as illiquid or non- conventional. 

R&P Capital has been instrumental in creating a secondary market for the following cashflows:

1)    Owner Financed mortgage notes

2)    Owner Financed notes on businesses

3)    Structured Settlement Annuities

4)    Annuities

5)    Annuities resulting from a Contest or a jackpot winner in a casino

6)    Cell Tower Leases

7)    Bill Board Leases

8)    Royalties from the entertainment world

9)    Royalties from the result of an invention, licensing agreement or intellectual property right

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