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Structured Settlement

Awarded a Settlement

and Looking for Financial Alternatives?

You were in an accident 7 years ago.

The accident caused you to be hospitalized for several months and what follow was 6 months to a year of physical therapy. So you hired an attorney and sued the company or individual who was responsible for your accident or more likely you sued their insurance company.

Your attorney advises you that you will be awarded a substantial sum of money. The insurance company and your attorney negotiate anywhere from six months to several years. You're finally relieved; there is agreement or more importantly there is going to be a settlement.

The good news is your settlement is sizable but the cash you receive upfront only goes to pay the medical expenses. Your compensation is going to be paid out in the form of an annuity which is to be paid out over the next 15 to 30 years. The monthly, annual or periodic payment is not going to change your life today.

The annuity your being paid on cannot be pledged for collateral with a bank or a traditional lending source. It appears those payments in the future your entitled to receive you are more or less locked into.

The good news is there is now a choice to access those funds today. There are several specialty finance companies that purchase income streams from accidents known as structured settlements. In addition to these income streams these specialty finance companies will consider purchasing lottery winnings, contest winnings or any other guaranteed income stream.

People now have a choice and do not necessarily need to be locked into a payment arrangement that does not meet their lifestyle.

Initially, for most people at the time of their award or settlement the payment plan appeared to make sense but life never works out the way we plan it. A financial emergency, a business opportunity, an unforeseen medical expense, or a house purchase can really put a dent into a family's finances. There are different programs whereby a person can access any portion of their annuity. For example an individual may want to sell as little as 4 years worth of payments, receive a lump sum payment while still enjoying some portion of their monthly payment or sell or a large payment that is 5 or 6 years in the future. Each one of these situations can be structured to access future capital.

Preliminary research indicates there are over 400,000 individuals nationwide that have been awarded settlements and 20,000 or so individuals that have won the lottery. Specialty finance companies will continue to grow in popularity. People who have income streams that have experienced a financial setback now have a choice.

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